Panopus Pte.Ltd

Investment Banking

Investment Banking

Our investment banking services are delivered with precision – maximising profits for our clients, utilising an approach that is appropriate to the task at hand. We combine this pragmatic approach with innovation and precision in execution. For projects with strong financials, well written IM and other supporting documents we will raise capital on a best efforts – no retainer basis across mining, IT, solar and other alternative energy technologies.  Most of our debt capital raising is either corporate bonds or project finance.  We also offer other debt securities such as convertible bonds.

Capital Raising

Our services include raising equity and or debt or mezzanine debt for clients. For listed companies we can provide joint venture partners to subscribe for new issues or private placements (shares, options, warrants), convertible or converting debt issues, private bond placements from $50m, and assist with Information Memorandum preparation or prospectus drafting. Panopus Pte.Ltd is very experienced in so-called dilution cash/conversion placement debt facilities offered by US funds (PIPE etc) and can advise on the pitfalls and merits of these facilities. We also arrange farm-in agreements for mining exploration properties, and also capital construction debt based around pre-purchase agreements for product (virtual equity).

For Private companies we can arrange tenement farm-ins, farm-outs, debt placement, “junk” or illiquid bond placements, structured or leasing finance and other debt issues. For equity we can source a range of solutions from a simple placement to an earn-in arrangement from exploration expenditure.

Our unique offering is based around our detailed understanding of both the capital markets, where our principal director Phil Thomas has been active for the past 34 years, and of the geological and mining aspects of exploration or mining companies where Phil has been an active geologist  for the past 12 years. Phil has been and is CEO of two public companies, one being a mining company running five projects over the past ten years and is an experienced Company Director. We have a detailed understanding of the legal agreement framework internationally and work closely with our legal consultants to develop price competitive legal documentation that covers all the contingencies we are likely to encounter.

We will tailor-make a solution for you in terms of timeframe for implementation, cost of funding, complexity and compliance with regulations and flexibility to restructure at a later date. If your path forward is not quite clear then we can assist with strategy, defining the way forward both from an exploration perspective as well as a capital perspective. We can assist or provide a turnkey solution to the budgets, three way financial models and critical path timelines. We have a large international network of commodity buyers and sellers so we can assist with transactional tasks, provide hedging advice using over the counter options, exchange traded or futures based. We also have experience in Marketing Strategy and can assist with marketing plans and SWOT or PORTER style competitor strength analysis.